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  • How long is the Multi-State Permit to Carry Course?
    This class usually lasts between 4 and 5 hours, including range time.
  • Are your courses recognized by the authorities as proper training?
    Yes, all of the our instructors are USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) certified instructors. The class utilizes the USCCA curriculum which has been accepted by the states we provide Permit to Carry courses in.
  • When will I get my Concealed Carry Class Certificate?
    At the end of your class you will receive a certificate for the State you are completing the class for. You need to attach a copy of your proof of completion certificate to your application as proof of training.
  • Do I have to fire a handgun to qualify for a conceal carry permit?
    This will depend on the state you are qualifying for. The State of Wisconsin does not require live fire qualification. However, the State of Minnesota does.
  • What should I expect to get from one of your classes?
    What you will learn in our class: Knowledge to help keep you physically, legally, financially, and morally safe Personal Protection Plan Handgun Basics Shooting Fundamentals The Legal Use of Force How to deal with the aftermath of a Use of Force situation Gear and Gadgets Wisconsin Carry Law
  • What should I bring to my class?
    You should bring: Your driver’s license or state-issued ID. A willingness to learn. You need to learn and understand the rules, regulations, morals, and the law. Questions! We love questions! The proper attire. Dressing appropriately when going to a shooting range is very important. Pants are the best option as are closed-toe shoes. Eye and ear protection. The right attitude. We are here to learn, not to compete. Respect your classmates and the Instructor, and any staff they may have during the class and range time.
  • What should I NOT bring to my class?
    You should NOT bring: An Ego. We are here to learn. There is no room for an ego in the classroom or on the range. Your own firearm (unless you are attending our Range Day course).
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